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Mission statement

We offer a number of different business services, including sensor and communication modules selection, electronic and embedded software design assistance, power supply source selection, cloud architecture definition, signal analysis definition,  advice for organizing product development, suggestion of development partners (if not available internally), mentoring and many more.

Sensors & Communication Module Selection

MEMs sensors interfacing, USB, LoRa, SigFox, 4G, NB-IoT, SubGHz and more. 

iot architecture

IoT Cloud Architecture Definition

IoT hub, devices management, processing pipes, databases, users’ interfaces, resources supervision.

Electronics and Embedded Software Design Assistance

Analog and digital design, microcontrollers, bare metal programming, realtime OS, multitasking programming.

Signal and Data Analysis

Analog and digital filtering, mathematical algorithms and more.

Power Supply Source Selection

Primary and secondary batteries, solar cells and solar panels, energy harvesting.

Development Partners

For software development,  web backend, web frontend, DevOps, cybersecurity.